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working in the research, education, and not-for-profit domains in India play a crucial role in discovering new avenues for better fish welfare and implementing them.

The ARA is highly committed to partnering with your institution on shared goals of a better world for fishes.


Through our institutional programmes, the ARA aims to improve the welfare of billions of fish by researching and executing welfare interventions in India.

Our partner organizations, Gramodaya Trust and Bhavi Aqua and Fish FPO, regularly introduce aligned farmers to the ARA, thus furthering our reach and impact for better fish welfare.

Our partner universitiesSir C.R.Reddy College anAdikavi Nannaya University support research and student and faculty exchanges to further academic investigation of fish welfare concerns.

Sustainable and ethical aquaculture can improve billions of lives, secure livelihoods, and support industry resilience.

Discover new collaborative opportunities for your institution and help improve fish welfare in India.

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