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is a collective of producers, corporations, and not-for-profit organisations supporting Aquaculture Best Practices, led by Fish Welfare Initiative India.

Our work plays an important role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

The ARA is currently catered towards producers and procurers of Indian Major Carp.

We work with

fish farmers, fish-procuring corporations,

not-for-profit organisations, educational institutions, and government entities in India.

We welcome collaborations with any of these organisations or individual farmers.


Contact us to learn how you can improve fish welfare in your business or organisation.



Best Practices

are the foundation of our approach to collaborative improvement of fish welfare in aquaculture farms across India.

Learn more in our farmer guides and booklets.


Our Impact

We have worked for the betterment of farmed fishes (and farmed shrimp occasionally) since 2021. In this period, we have potentially improved the lives of 12,50,000 fishes and 14,00,000 shrimp

The impact evaluation criteria (hover over the photos on the right) are being improved continuously to enable better estimations as learn about the Indian aquaculture paradigm.

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