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Alliance for Responsible Aquaculture Farmers

Testimonials Anchor
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ARA farmer
"The concept of reducing stocking densities and maintaining water quality has really shown me how good aquaculture practices have given good results and this knowledge gap was bridged by the [ARA team]."

N. Venkaiah, a farmer in the ARA

The ARA is currently working with over 120 fish farms in Andhra Pradesh.

If you are a farmer working in Nellore or West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, 

contact us to join the ARA and commit to Aquaculture Best Practices in your farms.

One of the most consistent things we’ve learned from our work is this: You care about fishes.


Incorporating fish welfare in aquaculture practices means that fishes grow faster and healthier, and you receive more benefits.

New Farmer Committment.png

As part of ARA, you are expected to adhere to our welfare standard and, in return, will gain access to many benefits.

ARA Expectations

  • Stocking at the recommended levels.

  • Keeping records.​

  • Taking corrective action to improve water quality as recommended by your local FWI representative.

  • Allowing your local FWI representative access to your farm.

ARA Benefits

  • Free-of-cost water quality monitoring.

  • Free advice on best management practices.

  • Possible future market linkages.


We believe that you

have the power to make a change and improve fishes' lives.


Our Farmer Guides and Field Booklets detail how to optimize welfare throughout production. All our guides are specific to Indian Major Carp farming in Andhra Pradesh.

Best Management Practices Anchor

Long reports detailing how to improve welfare in different production ​steps.

Short summaries with the most important information from the farmer guides, including a one-page poster.

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