Alliance for Responsible Aquaculture
We are addressing aquaculture's most pressing issues.

We are at a turning point: Fish farming has experienced many challenges, both for fish and farmers. The Alliance for Responsible Aquaculture (ARA) is an early-stage collective of producers, corporations and NGOs that support aquaculture best practices in India.

Together, we can improve the welfare of fish and the well-being of farmers.

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More Fair

No one should be left behind. We help farmers access better markets and ensure that their efforts are fairly compensated.

More Natural

Fish produced in higher welfare, more extensive systems require fewer chemical inputs such as antibiotics.

More Kind

Fish have improved living conditions, and suffer less from disease and mass mortality.

The Alliance for Responsible Aquaculture supports practices that are:

The work of the Alliance for Responsible Aquaculture plays an important role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Note that the ARA is currently catered towards producers and procurers of
Indian Major Carp. We hope to include other species shortly.

For Corporations

Are you a corporation interested in improving your seafood sustainability, animal welfare and traceability? We are looking for corporate leaders to advance responsible aquaculture practices in India—contact us if interested.

SAGE Organics, a farm to fork brand operating several cafes in Hyderabad, recently became a member of the Alliance for Responsible Aquaculture.

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For Farmers

We are looking for fish farmers in Nellore and West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh to join the Alliance for Responsible Aquaculture. The following are the benefits and expectations of being an alliance member.

What is required from farmers:

  • Stocking at the recommended levels.

  • Keeping records.

  • Taking corrective action to improve water quality as recommended by your local FWI representative.

  • Allowing your local FWI representative access to your farm.

What farmers gain access to:

  • Free of cost water quality monitoring.

  • Free advice on best management practices.

  • Free of cost training and consultation with our expert team.

  • Possible future market linkages.

  • Possible insurance qualifications.

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