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for choosing higher welfare fish, responsibly farmed by Alliance for Responsible Aquaculture producers.

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Sourced from Higher Welfare Farms

The Alliance for Responsible Aquaculture (ARA), a coalition of producers, corporations, and NGOs led by Fish Welfare Initiative (FWI), works closely with farmers to incorporate Aquaculture Best Practices—higher welfare farming practices that promote fish health and wellbeing.

Farmer Gopal, an aquafarmer from Nellore and a member of the alliance, delivered India's first order of higher welfare fish—the fish you just purchased. Gopal shifted his career focus from agriculture to aquaculture, 7 years ago, with the hope to better provide for his family of five. His ponds, situated near Komarika village in Nellore, are regularly tested for optimum water quality parameters by Fish Welfare Initiative data collectors. As an ARA producer, Gopal is well-versed in efficient feed-management practices and attends trainings on fish welfare topics such as disease prevention. By supporting higher welfare aquaculture, you are supporting responsible farmers like Gopal who care about the fish they are farming.


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