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Fish Welfare Initiative India

Fish welfare is the future.

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As the second-highest fish producing country in the world, India needs better fish welfare.

Because improved welfare means thriving businesses, healthy societies, sustainable environments, and, most importantly, reduced fish suffering.

Our main programme, the
Alliance for Responsible Aquaculture,
brings together
people and institutions who
want to improve the lives
of farmed fishes in India.

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FWI India is a non-profit founded in 2021 as a sister organisation to Fish Welfare Initiative and is dedicated to improving the lives of fishes raised in aquaculture.


We perform on-ground research, farmer collaborations, education, and policy work to benefit fishes, farmers, the environment, and society.


We are now working to expand the ARA, our main programme, and improve our understanding of welfare concerns in aquaculture in India.

I want to learn more about the welfare of farmed fishes.

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